Monday, February 23, 2009

poms poms galore

pompom_six, originally uploaded by knithappens_kc.

Pom poms are hot! They have been spotted everywhere this season. They are cute to look at and fun to make. You can make your own pom pom maker out of cardboard or buy them in different sizes. You can attach them to scarves, socks or a hat. Crafters are using pom poms to wrap gifts, as holiday ornaments, and birthday garlands. You know you want some, so get that yarn out and start winding it up. We found these fun pom poms on flickr. Check out what these crafters can make out of yarn.


Monday, February 9, 2009

willie wonka

Wanna knit something unique for your honey? We got the the perfect knitted goodie for you. Check out the Willie Warmer . It's a warmer for... you know... the sweet stick. You can't buy that at Victoria's Secret. It's all about handmade gifts. (he, he) Have fun making this little number, you still got time before Valentine's day.

Knitted Willie Warmer

Worsted weight yarn
size 8 needles (4.5mm)
G or H crochet hook
Cast on 71 sts.
Knit 6 rows in stockinette stitch.
Knit 18 rows on the first 22 sts in stockinette st.
Thread yarn through sts & draw up tight, secure.
Join yarn to next 27 sts & knit 30 - 36 rows in st. st.
Thread yarn through sts & draw up tight, secure.
Join yarn to last 22 sts, knit 18 rows st. st.
Thread yarn through sts & draw up tight, secure.
Sew longest seam. Sew short seams tog forming one sack from them.
(make pom-poms & attach to ends, if desired.)
Single crochet 2 sts tog around top. Join. Chain 4, * dc, ch 1, * around.
Join & end off. Make a chain 18 inches long. thread it through the dc's & tie in front.

Short-Cinch Tie: Make a chain 18inches long, sc back on the chain. Weave tie around the double crochet spaces, from the middle of the back of the sack, to the middle front of the Main Bit.
Long Tie (to go around the hips): Make a chain of 200. Sc back on the chain. Weave the same way as the Short-Cinch Tie.

NOTE! Please read! If the guy really wants to wear one, do the following:
Make 2 of the long ties, but one with 300 sts (groan). With a yarn needle, weave the tie through the bottom of the sack in the back part that would be next to the body, then from the middle of the sack to the other side with one half of the tie & do the same with the other half, but in the opposite direction. This will give "legs", like a jock strap. Then take the shorter of the two ties & weave it from the sack half, through the front part & to the other side of the sack. Both ties then will go around the middle the waist & be tied.

© copyright Pattern by Victoria Bales - Victoria Bales Creations
Permission is granted to copy & use this pattern, as long as Victoria Bales' name & copyright info is on the pattern. You do not need to email Victoria for permission.
Be sure to check out her "normal" designs at her website!